How To Install and Configure Postfix on Rocky Linux 9

Dec 20, 2023

To install and configure Postfix on Rocky Linux 9, follow the steps below.

Step 1 : Update

sudo dnf update

Step 2 : Install Postfix

sudo dnf install postfix

Step 3 : Start and Enable Postfix

sudo systemctl start postfix
sudo systemctl enable postfix

Step 4 : Verify Postfix

sudo systemctl status postfix

Step 5 : Test Postfix

- Install s-nail

sudo dnf install s-nail

- Open a temporary mail page, e.g., temp-mail.org

- Send mail to the temporary mail address

echo "Test email body" | mail -s "Test email subject" your_temporary_mail

- Check the received mail on the temporary mail page

Step 6 : Check Mail Logs

sudo journalctl -xe | grep postfix

Congratulations! You have successfully installed and configured Postfix on Rocky Linux 9. Now.