AWS’s global infrastructure

Regions and availability zones At the time of writing, there are 24 regions around the world. A region is further subdivided into availability zones (AZ), of which there are currently 77. See for the most up to date list of regions and availability zones.… Read More

Python Indentation

A block is a group of statements that are meant to be executed together. In Python, statements are grouped using whitespace, that is, blocks are indented within other blocks instead of using curly braces. if True: # execute this block of statements print(“Block 1”) else:… Read More

Python Comments

Comments are an integral part of programming. There are three different ways to write Python comments, documentation strings (docstrings for short), inline comments, and block comments. Block Comments Step 1 : Block and inline comments start with a pound sign, #. A block comment comes… Read More

Python User Input

User Input from the Keyboard Python has a very handy function for obtaining user keyboard input from the CLI called input(). When called, this function allows the user to type input into your program using their keyboard. Step 1 : Declare the following variable: message… Read More