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How to install Usermin in Webmin
Aug 26, 2021 8.0k 2 hours ago

What is Usermin Usermin is a web-based account management application for webmail, password changing, mail filters and fetchmail. The only tasks that can be done with a non-root account that are not done on the command line. Installing Usermin To install the Usermin application, users will need to follow these steps: Step 1 : Go to Webmin. Step 2 : Select the Un-used Modules menu Step 3 : Click Usermin Configuration. Step 4 : If you are installing an RPM package, please choose the "Install Use

How to create Other Webmin Users
Aug 26, 2021 7.3k 2 hours ago

Below are the steps to create a Webmin user account that has permission to only shutdown your web server: Step 1 : In the Webmin menu, go to the Webmin Users module. Step 2 : To activate your account, create a new privileged user. Step 3 : Create a username and password to get started. (ex newuser) Step 4 : Under User interface options I'll select No for the Categorize modules module, because this account won't know to have many modules. Under Security and limits options I'm going to only allo

How to Manage Linux Systems with Webmin : Cluster Group
Aug 26, 2021 6.4k 2 hours ago

The final modules all pertain to clustering multiple VPSs and having them all run Webmin. Each module lets you run a single command on multiple machines simultaneously, like updating software packages.

How to Manage Linux Systems with Webmin : Hardware Group
Aug 26, 2021 5.5k 2 hours ago

Partitions on Local Disks A virtual private server is a good choice for anyone who doesn't want to deal with the hassles of hardware. Under the "Options" tab in the Printer Settings menu are two options: Printer Administration and System Time Printer Administration Printer Administration (that can be used to communicate with printers and printer-like devices) and System Time, System Time Which allows you to enter manual specifications of both the time zone, as well as what time it currently is.

How to Manage Linux Systems with Webmin : Networking Group
Aug 26, 2021 5.8k 2 hours ago

The Networking group contains modules that help you manage how your computer connects with the outside world. Bandwidth Monitoring You can use plugin to detect all the connections made to and from your VPS. Firewall The Firewall option specifies which ports should be accessible and which should not. It also dictates what traffic the VPS may send out.

How to Manage Linux Systems with Webmin : Tools Group
Aug 25, 2021 5.6k 2 hours ago

The Tools module provides more dedicated functions that don't neatly fit under any of the previous categories. These are: Command Shell It is a command-line utility that lets you execute commands by typing them in and clicking "Execute Command." Custom Commands With the Custom Commands module, you can create web interfaces for commands and scripts so that they'll be accessible with a single click. File Manager A graphical file manager, lets you upload and download files faster than ever before

How to Manage Linux Systems with Webmin : Servers Group
Aug 25, 2021 6.0k 2 hours ago

When you first install Webmin on a new VPS, there aren't many options enabled under the Servers menu. As you add more server software and then use the "Refresh Modules" menu option, more will appear on this list. Read User Mail To view all of the user mailboxes you want, you must be an administrator. If you use this mailing feature in a group chat, it might be best to refrain from using it. SSH Server The last default option is the optional SSH Server. You can use this module to revoke root acce

How to Manage Linux Systems with Webmin : System Group
Aug 25, 2021 6.1k 2 hours ago

Bootup and Shutdown The System option lets you customize your VPS's basic operation. The Bootup and Shutdown screen shows what system services are currently running and can be used to view or modify those same system services with the systemctl command. Change Passwords The Change Passwords option allows an administrator to quickly and easily change a user's password, similar to that of a root account using the passwd command. You can also change your password by going to the Users and Groups o

How to Manage Linux Systems with Webmin : Webmin Group
Aug 25, 2021 5.6k 2 hours ago

Webmin has a modular architecture that lets you not only manage your VPS, but also customize the aspects available to visitors. One of the best features of Webmin is that the modules for it are pre-installed and enabled. When one installs Webmin for the first time, it scans your VPS to find out if there is another software that you have installed and if there are any issues with it. You can change appearance and functionality of the Webmin software through items in this group. Backup Configur

How to start and stop Webmin
Aug 22, 2021 22.5k 2 hours ago

Webmin starts automatically with the VPS machine. Once you establish a Webmin connection, it’s best to only start the app when you need to work on it and stop your connection when you are finished. The following commands can be used to start, stop, enable, and disable the Webmin service: Action Command systemctl enable webmin.service : Enable Webmin to start whenever your VPS starts. systemctl enable webmin.service systemctl disable webmin.service : Disable auto-starting Webmin when your VPS

How to install Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for Webmin
Aug 22, 2021 13.9k 2 hours ago

Webmin provides Google Authenticator Two-Factor Authentication tokens to generate and use. I highly recommend looking into this security measure for your server, as it will greatly increase overall protection. You will require the Google Authenticator application or a compatible authentication application to generate codes each time you'd like to log in. Enter your username and credentials, then follow by entering the generated code. Enabling Two-Factor Authentication Step 1 : Visit the Webmin m

How to Secure Webmin with a free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate for CentOS
Aug 22, 2021 8.8k 2 hours ago

Because CentOS does not make the same assumptions as Debian, installing a trusted SSL certificate on it can be tricky.The easiest way to fix certificate errors from Webmin is by following these instructions: Step 1 : Install the Apache Web Server first.In order to use the Let's Encrypt service, you must place a file in your web server’s document root.From the Webmin homepage, click "Un-used Modules" and then on the "Apache Webserver". Step 2 : Install the Apache Web Server by clicking "Instal

How to Download and Install Webmin on a CentOS Linux system
Aug 22, 2021 5.6k 2 hours ago

In order to install Webmin on a CentOS Linux system, do the following: Step 1 : Go to www.webmin.com. Step 2 : In the left-hand menu, locate the "RPM" link and right click it. Follow the instructions for your browser in order to copy a link. When this post was written, the link to the Red Hat/CentOS package was http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/webadmin/webmin-1.979-1.noarch.rpm. This is likely to change before you get to read this. Step 3 : You need to type the following command in your VPS,

How to Secure Webmin with a free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate for Debian
Aug 22, 2021 6.2k 2 hours ago

Installing a trust SSL certificate on Debian is straightforward. If Webmin is showing certificate errors when you try to log in, this will resolve the issue. Do the following steps for best results: Step 1 : Install apache web server first. This file, which we will place in the web server's document root, is used to verify that data transfers are secure. To add this feature to your account, click "Un-used Modules" Webmin then to "Apache Webserver". Step 2 : So as to install the Apache web serve

How to download and install Webmin on Debian
Aug 22, 2021 7.0k 2 hours ago

What is Webmin? Webmin is a free software application for managing server and other network devices as well as controlling them. It was released in October 1997 for the first time by Jamie Cameron. It also provides the same UI on either Debian or CentOS meaning that installing and setting up is almost as easy on one version as it is with the other. Downloading and Installing Webmin on Debian The following steps show how to install Webmin on a Debian Linux system: Step 1 : Go to www.webmin.com.