How to Manage Linux Systems with Webmin : Tools Group

Aug 25, 2021

The Tools module provides more dedicated functions that don't neatly fit under any of the previous categories. These are:

Command Shell

It is a command-line utility that lets you execute commands by typing them in and clicking "Execute Command."

Custom Commands

With the Custom Commands module, you can create web interfaces for commands and scripts so that they'll be accessible with a single click.

File Manager

A graphical file manager, lets you upload and download files faster than ever before.

HTTP Tunnel

Which allows you to tunnel a webpage through your virtual private server. In some instances, it is necessary to access the content through an HTTP proxy because of a firewall blocking access.

Perl Modules

Webmin modules are written in Perl which can be installed to help you better meet your needs.

Protected Web Directories

Which can automate password-protected site sections.

SSH Login

A Java application that uses an SSH client to connect to a VPS through SSH. If you are running Debian and have the Java client installed in your browser, this will be available to you.

System and Server Status

A regular monitoring system that will inform you of any changes to your server.

Text Login

This is a web interface to the VPS that behaves as if it were SSH, which can be used on any device.

Upload and Download

Depending on what you need to do, there are a variety of methods for downloading and uploading files from your VPS.

These are all useful tools that have a limited scope and may not be ideal for someone who needs or wants more.