Ubuntu Server

How to Install and configure the Apache Web Server - Ubuntu Server 22.04

April 23rd 2022, 8:09
Simple installation of the Apache web server from the Ubuntu package repository will be carried out, which will be an easy procedure. In addition, we will go over the core configuration settings and build our first web page from the ground up. The Apache web server, usually known as simply...

How to Configure Static IP Address on Ubuntu Server 22.04 - Ubuntu Server 22.04

April 23rd 2022, 7:58
In the default network configuration of Ubuntu, dynamic IP addressing is used, which means that the network management daemon in Ubuntu searches for and configures an IP address for the server using the IP address assigned by a DHCP server on the network to which it is connected. When you...

How to manage network interfaces on Ubuntu server 22.04 - Ubuntu Server 22.04

April 15th 2022, 3:34
First and foremost, we must learn how to analyze the current connection parameters that our server's network card is now employing to communicate with the outside world. The major goal of this section is to accomplish just that. This can be accomplished with two simple commands: ip (which is highly...

How to Set or Change Hostname on Ubuntu 22.04 - Ubuntu Server 22.04

April 15th 2022, 9:00
During the installation process, you were prompted to enter a hostname for your server. Specifically, during the initial setup process, the field was named "Your server's name." Step 1. To see the whole hostname, use the "hostname" command: hostname Step 2. Changing the hostname is a straightforward process. To accomplish...

How to Install Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS - Ubuntu Server 22.04

April 15th 2022, 8:50
Getting the Ubuntu Installation MediaStep 1. First, download the "Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)" image from the following URL: https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/.Step 2. Once you have downloaded the image, you can either burn it to disk or use the methods in the following section to write it to a USB drive...

How to Set Up a Firewall with UFW on ubuntu 14.04

August 21st 2021, 5:40
Uncomplicated firewall (UFW) provides easy-to-use interface for people unfamiliar with firewall concepts. It provides a framework for managing netfilter as well as the command-line interface to manipulate the firewall. With its small command set and plain English parameters, UFW makes it quick and easy to understand and set up firewall...

How to Install and Configure fail2ban on ubuntu 14.04

August 21st 2021, 2:23
Step 1 : Install and Configure fail2ban sudo apt-get install fail2ban After installation, the fail2ban daemon will start up and be configured to automatically start at boot-time. Configuring fail2ban is simply a matter of creating a configuration file. But, you shouldn't use its default config file (/etc/fail2ban/jail.conf). The problem with...

How to Setup DHCP Server in Ubuntu Server 14.04

August 21st 2021, 12:12
DHCP is a service used to automatically assign network configuration to client systems. DHCP can be used as a handy tool when you have a large pool of systems that needs to be configured for network settings. Plus, when you need to change the network configuration, say to update a...

How to set a static ip address in Ubuntu Server 14.04

August 20th 2021, 5:33
When you install Ubuntu server, its network setting defaults to dynamic IP addressing, that is, the network management daemon in Ubuntu searches for a DHCP server on the connected network and configures the network with the IP address assigned by DHCP. Even when you start an instance in the cloud,...

How to Change Hostname on Ubuntu 21.04

August 19th 2021, 7:07
How do you view your hostname? Step 1 : You need to use the hostname command or hostnamectl command hostname Step 2 : Output from the hostname command Setting the hostname Step 1 :Changing the hostname is fairly simple. To do this, we can use the hostnamectl command as root...