How To Install Python 3 on Ubuntu 20.04

Louis SanchezApril 17th 2021, 7:42
Step 1 : To see which version of Python 3 you have installed, open a command prompt and run python3 --version Step 2 : To use a more current Python, we recommend using the deadsnakes PPA to install Python 3.9 sudo apt-get install software-properties-common sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deadsnakes/ppa Step 3 :...

How to do CRUD operations in MongoDB (Ubuntu 20.04)

Louis SanchezApril 17th 2021, 7:41
CRUD operations create, read, update, and delete documents. Follow these steps to store and retrieve data with MongoDB Step 1 : Open a shell to interact with the Mongo server mongo Step 2 : To create and start using a new database, type use dbname. Since schemas in MongoDB are...

How to Install and Configure MongoDB on Ubuntu 20.04

Louis SanchezApril 17th 2021, 7:44
Use this tutorial to install and configure MongoDB, which is a not only SQL (NoSQL) document storage server. You will need access to a root account or an account with sudo privileges. To get the latest version of MongoDB, we need to add the MongoDB source to Ubuntu installation sources:...

How to Secure Ubuntu ubuntu 20.04

Louis SanchezApril 18th 2021, 5:00
Linux is considered to be a well secured operating system. It is quite easy to maintain the security and protect our systems from unauthorized access by following a few simple norms or rules. You will need access to a root or account with sudo privileges. These steps are intended for...

How to Set Up a Firewall with UFW on ubuntu 20.04

Louis SanchezApril 17th 2021, 7:14
Uncomplicated firewall (UFW) provides easy-to-use interface for people unfamiliar with firewall concepts. It provides a framework for managing netfilter as well as the command-line interface to manipulate the firewall. With its small command set and plain English parameters, UFW makes it quick and easy to understand and set up firewall...

How to Install and Configure fail2ban on ubuntu 20.04

Louis SanchezApril 17th 2021, 7:14
Step 1 : How to Install and Configure fail2ban on ubuntu 20.04 apt-get install fail2ban After installation, the fail2ban daemon will start up and be configured to automatically start at boot-time. Configuring fail2ban is simply a matter of creating a configuration file. But, you shouldn't use its default config file...

How to Tag commits in the repository (Git)

Reginald LynchApril 18th 2021, 2:18
Before we start, you must go to the jgit directory, where we made the original clone for this post. We should start by tagging the commit that is ten commits behind origin/stable-2.3 and is not a merge. In order to find that commit, we will use the git log command....

How to Push Git notes to a remote repository (Git)

Reginald LynchApril 18th 2021, 4:42
Before we can push the notes from the shareNotes repository, we have to create a note to be pushed, as the notes we have now are all available on the remote repository. The remote repository in this case is the jgit directory: Step 1 : You have found a commit...

How to Retrieve notes from the remote repository (Git)

Reginald LynchApril 17th 2021, 7:45
we need another clone from the local clone we already have. This is to show the push and fetch mechanism of Git with git notes. Step 1 : Start by checking out the master branch: git checkout master Step 2 : Now, create a local branch of all the stable-3.1...

How to Separate notes by category (Git)

Reginald LynchApril 17th 2021, 7:47
As we saw in the previous example, we can add notes to the commits; however, in some cases, it makes sense to store the information sorted by categories. Notes are stored in refs/notes/commits, but we can add multiple references so that we can easily sort and list the various scopes...