Initial Configurations of Windows server 2019

After setting up the device drivers and ensuring that the OS services are up and running, initial server configuration is a must.

The server’s initial configuration is a very important task as it determines the functional status of the server just before taking on the task of adding roles.

Let’s perform the server’s initial configuration both for Desktop Experience and Server Core installation options.

First, you will want to set up the IP address, change the time zone, activate your Windows Server 2019, and then proceed with checking for updates, changing the default server name, joining the domain, enabling Remote Desktop, and finally turning off IE enhanced security

Using Server Manager in Desktop Experience

In Desktop Experience, the initial server configuration can be accomplished using Server Manager. After first logging into Windows Server 2019, Server Manager starts automatically. It will always start automatically unless you change it.

Using server configuration in Server Core

In Server Core, the initial server configuration can be accomplished through the Server Configuration tool. In contrast to Server Manager, the Server Configuration tool is accessed by entering SConfig.cmd at Command Prompt.

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