How to manage remote IIS on Windows Server 2019

You have more than one IIS Server instance available to manage even only website or web application want to manage from IIS Manager.

We are going to connect a remote IIS Server instance with IIS Manager on Windows Server 2016. This you can do with any operating system that supports IIS 10.0.

Step 1 : First, you have to install the Management Service role on the remote IIS server.

Step 2 : Click Next on the Web Server Role (IIS) wizard.

Step 3 : Select the Role-based or feature-based installation option

Step 4 : Select a server from the server pool with the current machine selected and click on Next.

Step 5 : Click on the Add Features button to install them.

Step 6 : Click on Next.

Step 7 : The next window, click on Next.

Step 8 : Click on Install to proceed with installing.

Step 9 : Once the installation has succeeded, you can click on the close button.

Step 10 : Now open IIS Manager Service on remote.

Step 11 : We have to enable remote connections. Allow access, Apply, and then Start.

Step 12 : Now we have to come to Windows Server 2019, which has IIS 10.0 Installed.

Step 13 : Right-click on the Start Page icon or click on the globe below Connections. You will see the option to connect to an IIS Server, a website, or application.

Step 14 : Enter the server IP address, port. Click on the Next button to finish the current step.

Step 15 : Now you have to enter your username and password

Step 16 : after which a server certificate confirmation alert pop-up message comes up on a successfully authenticated username and password. Click on the Connect button.

Step 17 : Then, provide the server name.

Step 18 : Click on Finish. That’s it; you’re done.

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