How to Install Windows Server 2019

To perform the installation of Windows Server 2019, complete the following steps:

Step 0 :

Physical Server: Turn on your computer, depending on the selected boot option, and wait for the boot prompt on the screen. The message on the screen requires user confirmation to boot the system from a DVD, USB flash drive, or network boot.

Virtual Environment: VirtualBox, KVM and VMware users only need to attach the ISO file during VM creation.

The installation files are loaded in RAM

Step 1 : Enter your language and other preferences. Click Next to continue:

Step 2 : Click Install now to start installing Windows Server 2019

Step 3 : Select Windows Server 2019 Datacenter (Desktop Experience) and then click Next.

Step 4 : Check I accept the license terms and then click Next.

Step 5 : Select Custom: Install Windows only (advanced), to run the clean installation:

Step 6 : After preparing the drive, select the partition where you want to install Windows Server 2019. Click Next

Step 7 : Windows Setup is installing Windows Server 2019.

Step 8 : After getting the devices ready and performing a few restarts, set up the administrator password and click Finish

Step 9 : Congratulations! You have successfully installed Windows Server 2019. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to unlock the system.

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