How to install web server (IIS) on Windows Server 2019

Step 1 : Open Server Manager from the Start menu or use the search window to find it.

Step 2 : You have to click on Add roles and features, or you can find the same option in top Manage menu.

Step 3 : On the Before you begin wizard, simply click on the Next button. This window is just for information about installation prerequisites.

Step 4 : On the Select installation type wizard, leave the default option Role-based or feature-based installation selected and click on Next.

Step 5 : Now we have to select which server we have to install IIS 10.0 on. We are installing to our local machine, so leave Select a server from the server pool with the current machine selected and click on Next. Alternatively, you can select another server that you are managing from here. You can figure it out in the following diagram.

Step 6 : Now we have to select the role from the Select server roles wizard. Check the box next to Web Server (IIS).

Step 7 : Click on the Add Features button to install them as well. Click on Next on the Select server roles menu once this is complete.

Step 8 : Click Next

Step 9 : Once we have selected Web Server (IIS), we will get a list of additional features, which we can select from. At this stage, we are not going to select any features, so simply click on Next in the Select features wizard.

Step 10 : Click Next on the Web Server Role (IIS) wizard after reading the information provided.

Step 11 : The next window in the Select role services wizard allows you to install additional services for IIS, if required. You can always come back and add more later, so just click on Next for now to install the defaults.

Step 12 : Now we are on the Confirm installation selections wizard, so review the items that are to be installed and click on Install to proceed with installing the IIS 10.0 web server on Windows Server 2019

Step 13 : Once the installation has succeeded, you can click on the close button. IIS 10.0 by default runs on port 80. It will auto-enable the World Wide Web Services (HTTP Traffic-In) firewall rule in Windows Firewall.

Step 14 : Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer and type the server IP address,, or http://localhost/ in the browser address bar and hit Enter to run the application. You will see the default IIS welcome page.

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