How to install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Focal Fossa on virtual machine

Creating the virtual machine in VirtualBox

Step 1 : Open VirtualBox and choose Machine | New in the menu toolbar.

Step 2 : Choose a name for the virtual machine, set the Type to Linux, and Version to Ubuntu (64-bit). Click Next:

Step 3 : On this screen, we determine memory settings.

Step 4 : Press Create to start the creation of the virtual hard disk.

Step 5 : Select VDI as shown in the following screenshot and click on Next:

Step 6 : Select Dynamically allocated

Step 7 : On this screen, we can do three things: name the virtual disk file, select the location, and specify the size

Step 8 : However, before we can start the installation of Ubuntu on our virtual machine, we need to do two more things: point the virtual machine to the installation ISO, and set up the networking. Select the newly created virtual machine and click Settings. Navigate to the Storage section

Step 9 : Go to the Network section, Select Bridged Adapter

Installing Ubuntu 20.04 on the virtual machine

Step 10 : Now you can start your virtual machine from the VirtualBox main screen. Right click on the machine, select Start followed by Normal Start. If all goes well, a new window will pop up, showing you the virtual machine console. After a while, you should see the Ubuntu server installation screen in that window:

Step 11 : On the screen shown in the following screenshot, select your favorite language using the arrow keys and click Install Ubuntu.

Step 12 : Select the keyboard layout that you’re using and click Continue.

Step 13 : On the Updates and Software section click Continue.

Step 14 : Choose to erase the disk and install Ubuntu, click Install Now

Step 15 : Now you will encounter a warning about performing a destructive action. Because we are using an entire (virtual!) disk, all information present on that disk will be erased. We created this disk when we created the virtual machine, so it does not contain any data. We can safely perform this action, so select Continue

Step 16 : Choose your location and click Continue.

Step 17 : We’ll be setting the server name and creating an administrative user

Step 18 : Once the installation is completely finished, you will see the Reboot Now button appear. Press Enter:

Step 19 : Login to your Ubuntu 20.04

Step 20 : If successful, you should see a screen similar to the following

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