How to Install Intellij IDEA on Windows 10

IntelliJ IDEA is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Kotlin created by JetBrains (which also created the Kotlin language).

IntelliJ IDEA, called IntelliJ for short, helps you write well-formed Kotlin code. It also streamlines the development process with built-in tools for running, debugging, inspecting, and refactoring your code.

IntelliJ IDEA is available as a free Community Edition and full-fledged Ultimate Edition.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA

Step 1 : Download the IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition from the JetBrains website at

Step 2 : Run IntelliJ Idea. Click next to continue

Step 3 : Choose the installation location and click next to continue

Step 4 : Select Installation Options

Step 5 : Click Install to start the installation process.

Step 6 : After the installation complete click Finish.

Running IntelliJ IDEA for the First time

Step 1 : After the installation complete. Open the IntelliJ IDEA and Select the Do not import settings option:

Step 2 : Choose a UI theme.

Step 3 : Customize the plugins. For each component, click on Customize… or Disable All. We will not need most of the plugins. You can only select the following:

  • Build Tools: Disable All.
  • Version Controls: Only keep Git and GitHub.
  • Test Tools: Disable All.
  • Swing: Disable.
  • Android: Disable.
  • Other Tools: Disable All and keep Bytecode viewer, Terminal, and YAML.
  • Plugin Development: Disable.

Step 4 : Install the featured plugins, Click on the Install button for Scala and for the IDE Features Trainer.

Create a New Project

Step 1 : Click on Create New Project

Step 2 : Change the Project name and select a Project location

Step 3 : You should see the following project structure

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