How to configure static ip address in webmin

Step 1 : The Network Configuration module can be found under the Networking category in Webmin. The main page shows one icon for each of the four configuration categories—Network Interfaces, Routing and Gateways, DNS Client, and Host Addresses. All the editable forms and options in the module are under one of those four categories.

Step 2 : Click on Networking menu > Network Configuration

Step 3 : Click on “enp1s0” network interface

Step 4 : Select Static Configuration and enter the correct IP address and netmask. Click the Save button

Step 5 : On the Network Configuration module’s main page, click the Routing and Gateways icon

Step 6 : Enter the IP address of the default gateway into the Default router field.

Step 7 : Go to Hostname and DNS Client

Step 8 : Enter the addresses of up to three servers into the DNS servers field

Step 9 : Click on Apply Configuration button.

Step 10 : We verified the IP Address of the system just by running the below command.


Step 11 : Now, we have configured a new IP address by using Webmin.

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