How to Change the server name on Windows Server 2019

To change the server name, take the following steps:

Using Server Manager

Step 1 : Open Server Manager from the Start menu. And select Local Server

Step 2 : The Properties section, click the highlighted default computer name.

Step 3 : In the System Properties window, click the Change button.

Step 4 : In the Computer Name/Domain Changes window, delete the existing computer name and provide the name for your server, and then click OK.

Step 5 : Click OK to confirm that you will restart your server to apply these changes.

Step 6 : In the System Properties window, click the Close button.

Step 7 : In the Microsoft Windows dialog box, click Restart Now.

Using Server Configuration

Step 1 : Type Sconfig.cmd, and then press ENTER. The Server Configuration tool interface opens.

Step 2 : Enter 2 as a selected option and press Enter.

Step 3 : Enter the new server name and press Enter.

Step 4 : In the Restart dialog box, click Yes to restart the server.

Your server will restart so it can apply the server name change.

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