Getting Started with the IIS Manager in IIS

Now that we know how to install IIS 10.0, let’s take a look at IIS Manager, which comes as a part of the IIS 10.0 Management tools provided by Microsoft. IIS 10.0 can be managed in either GUI mode or with PowerShell commands.

Step 1 : Start Server Manager on Windows Server 2019, which already has IIS 10.0 Installed on it.

Step 2 : Click on the Tools menu, you will be able to see Internet Information Service Manager (IIS). This figure will show you how to get there.

Step 3 : You will now see the IIS Manager home screen. IIS Manager shows you its connected servers, which have IIS 10.0 already installed on it.

Step 4 : Then, we select PC215 (PC215IIS\Administrator), which is at the left-hand side. The IIS Manager home screen will display the default features of IIS 10.0.

Step 5 : As you can see in the following figure, there is an Application pool on the left-hand side along with your Default Web Site. Then, there are feature configuration options available in the middle section and then Manage Server, Restart, Start, and Stop at the right. You can browse the website from here.

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