How to configure static ip address in webmin

Step 1 : The Network Configuration module can be found under the Networking category in Webmin. The main page shows one icon for each of the four configuration categories—Network Interfaces, Routing and Gateways, DNS Client, and Host Addresses. All the editable forms and options in… Read More

How to secure Webmin

Unless you are running Webmin on a system that is never connected to any other network, it is a wise idea to restrict which client network addresses are allowed to log in. To restrict the IP addresses and networks from which Webmin will accept connections,… Read More

How To Install Webmin on Ubuntu 20.04

What is Webmin Webmin is a program that simplifies the process of managing a Linux or UNIX system. Traditionally, you have needed to manually edit configuration files and run commands to create accounts, set up web servers, or manage email forwarding. Webmin now lets you… Read More